Detail of Lonesome Moon by Tameichi Wada, 1944.

Page 2 Santa Fe Manuscript

Page 27 Santa Fe Manuscript

May Minami, daughter of Frank Toshinori Yamauchi, was interviewed on October 26 and 27, 2003 at her home in Gardena, California.

May Minami, Tape 1 - Audio - 56k Parents' immigration, living in Oxnard and Gardena, dating her future husband despite parental disapproval, Pearl Harbor, the FBI arrests of her parents, imprisonment at Santa Anita Race Track and Rohwer, Arkansas.

May Minami, Tape 2 - Audio 56k - Video 256k Life in Milwaukee during the war, her father's experience in the Justice Camps, his poetry group, his personality, resettlement in Gardena, living in the garage.

May Minami, Tape 3 - Audio 56k - Video 256k Her children, Roland, Neil and Dale, her siblings' families, her mother, jamming on the ukelele.

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