Detail of Lonesome Moon by Tameichi Wada, 1944.

Many Mountains Surrounding is the product of the efforts of many generous people. We wish to thank the countless teachers, researchers and historians who have pointed us in the right direction. And above all, this project would not exist were it not for the family members who have shared their personal histories.


Produced and Edited by Brian Minami.

Translators - Naomi and Jim Miller. Additional Translation - Rev. George Matsubayashi.

Information, Photos and Research - Mollie Pressler, Lou Schatz, Edna Horiuchi, Valerie Nishi, Marie Masumoto of the Japanese American National Museum, Paul Cerda, Miki Palm, June Schumann of the Portland Legacy Center, Eichiro Azuma, Dr. Tetsuden Kashima, Dr. Yamanaka Hayato, Rev. Noriaki Fujimori, Sumi Shimatsu of The Crystal City Chatter, Joe Ando, Norman Osumi, Marlene Hitt, Yuji Ichioka, Ron Chung, UCLA Special Collections, National Archives, Army Judiciary.

Poetry Group Family Members - Kanji and Shiz Nishijima, Reiko Odate Matsumoto, Seibi Okita, Joy Nozaki Gee, Al Oyama, Victor Kambe, Susie Masuda Sasagawa, Julie Shibata, Helen Taeko Ishida Abramson, May Yamauchi Minami, Krista Minami, Mitsuye Yasutake Yamada, June Wada Yamamoto, Bob Wada, Sachi Sasaki Maehara.

Financial Assistance - CCLPEP, May Minami, Roland and June Minami, Donald and Carolyn Chow.

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